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Lead the way with FlexReady

In today's fast-paced world, flexibility is not just an option; it's a necessity. It's a top driver for attracting and retaining the best talent, and it's a cornerstone of any serious Diversity & Inclusion strategy. Organisations that offer flexible work are leading the way, and FlexReady Certification is your ticket to confidently demonstrating your commitment to workplace flexibility.

FlexReady Certification

Are you ready to revolutionise your workplace and become an employer of choice?

FlexReady Certification is your key to enhancing employee retention, attracting top-tier talent, and boosting your brand equity. With FlexReady Certification, you'll enjoy a range of benefits that will set you apart as a forward-thinking, flexible employer.

  • An annual licence to use the FlexReady Certification™ badge
    to celebrate your success - careers website, email signatures,
    LinkedIn & social media platforms
  • Access to exclusive social media, marketing & content
    opportunities to our talent community and platforms with
    potential reach of 200K+
  • Quantitative benchmarking of the lived flexibility experience
    against similar employers + peer
  • Appeal to a wider, gender diverse talent pool
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A game-changer in talent attraction

For years, flexible work has been a magnet for top talent, and now, it's more crucial than ever. FlexReady Certification empowers you to convincingly communicate your flexible work offerings to external talent.

When you're FlexReady Certified, potential candidates and current employees will know that your organisation is fully committed to providing the flexibility they need to lead their best lives.

FlexReady Certification offers:

  • Well-deserved recognition for organisations that meet the criteria on eight pillars of lived experience of flexibility in their workplace, and are open to having conversations about flexible work
  • Public validation for your genuine commitment to workplace flexibility, wear the badge of honour proudly while assuring potential and current employees they have flexibility to drive their own work-life balance
  • Motivation for high calibre candidates to join your organisation, knowing they can have unbiased conversation about their flexibility requirements
  • Guarantee for your employees to feel empowered to raise the topic of tailored flexible work options in their workplace without bias

Join the FlexReady Certified Community

FlexReady Certification is your gateway to a future where your organisation attracts top talent, embraces diversity, and fosters inclusion. Join the movement and proudly display your FlexReady Certified status to the world.

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